• Lighting

    We recommend Spa Electrics LED lighting to add to your backyard ambiance. Coloured LED pool lighting will illuminate your pool and create a stunning feature in your garden.

    Additional options such as remote controls and automation can add to the functionality with a number of light shows available.



By heating your pool you can add to the use and enjoyment of your pool by your family. There are many different heating options available to heat your swimming pool, whether you’re looking for a system that can heat your pool for special occasions year round or because you’d like to extend your swimming season. Heating options include heat pumps, solar heating and gas heaters.

Pool & Spa Mart will advise you on the best heating solution suited to your needs

Please Note: All heating systems can be made even more efficient when used in conjunction with a pool blanket.


  • Heat Pumps

    Heat pumps are more efficient for all year heating, keeping a steady day to day desired temperature. Heat pumps allow you to extend out the swimming season and even heat your pool in the coolest months for general use or special events. Heat pumps allow you to extend out the swimming season and even heat the pool in the coolest months for general use or special events. While they represent a substantial initial capital investment, they're economical to run.

  • Gas Heaters

    Gas heaters excel when you want to heat your pool or spa to your desired temperature quickly. In this instance they are more economical to heat the pool up, and then turn off again after pool use.

  • Solar Heating

    Solar heating harnesses the energy of the sun to heat the pool, making it a very cost efficient process of pool heating. Swim in comfort whenever the sun is shining! Solar heating will extend your swimming season.



Pool Covers

With a huge emphasis on the environment and conservation these days, swimming pools often get a bad rap for their potential to waste our precious water. Using a pool cover to reduce evaporation will save you thousands of litres of water a year as well reduce your chemical consumption costs.

Solar pool blankets, when used correctly, can reduce a huge 97% of water loss through evaporation and increase your pool temperature by up to 8°C. We also supply covers suited for the winter time- these winter covers cover the pool during non-swimming months to help keep the pool clean. Rollers are also available to store your blanket when not in use.

Pool & Spa Mart can provide you with all year round options to help keep your pool clean and ready to swim. Spa covers are also available and are custom made to suit your requirements. Spa covers can greatly increase the heating efficiency in your spa by retaining heat.

  • Daisy Pool Covers are a family owned Australian company.

    Their Series 525 UltraDome+ Titanium Blue pool covers are the premium choice for maximum heat, retention and durability They come in a variety of stylish titanium colours to match pool landscapes and garden settings.

    They provide a wide range of accompanying roller options to suit your pool area.


  • Automatic Pool Cleaners

    Cleaning the pool is not only important to help with cleanliness and aesthetics but also to help protect your investment. However, with our ever increasingly busy lives, finding the time to get out and vacuum the pool has become more and more difficult.

    Pool & Spa Mart offer a large range of both suction and robotic cleaner options. Whether you are after a simple floor cleaning model or a whole pool clean Pool & Spa Mart can help you chose the right cleaner for your pool


  • Pumps & Filters

    For the energy conscious pool owner, Hayward’s full range of variable speed pumps are the perfect solution for reducing swimming pool running costs and enjoying a sparkling clear pool.

    Engineered for dependability and performance, Hayward pumps are recognised as the industry leader, including Australia's first ever 10-star energy rated pump.

    The pump and filter are the heart and lungs of your pool as they circulate and filter the pool water. The primary purpose of the filter is to keep your pool clean by removing undissolved debris from the pool water. Pool and Spa Mart offers a range of sand and cartridge filters to suit the needs of your pool.


  • Automation

    OmniLogic® is Hayward's elite and fully automated control system. Features include; a built in touch display, for ease of configuration and programming, fully programmable automatic control of every output and built-in Ethernet Connectivity. You can control the system via the free app and/or website, not only allowing you to customize your backyard from your handheld device but from your desktop device also. With just a touch, you can personalize your backyard and control maintenance functions such as sanitation and filtration.

    OmniLogic also has the ability to control water features, heating and lighting so additional components can be added to the system over time to take advantage of expanded functionality.




  • Liquid chlorine

    With a Chemigem, you take the guesswork out of managing your pool water chemistry and keeping it clean and safe to swim in. The Chemigem D21 is suitable for domestic pools of all shapes and sizes and gives you total control over sanitizer levels and pH. The Chemigem uses a multi-electrode (probe) to analyse water quality whenever the system is running and adds precise doses of chlorine and acid to maintain optimum water quality. This innovative product has been around for over 36 years, evolving with technology along the way, so it is well and truly proven in the field.

  • Salt and mineral chlorinators

    Pool & Spa Mart offer a range of salt and mineral options for chlorination and will recommend the correct system to ensure sufficient capacity for your pool size. Whether you're after a simple chlorinator or one with added extras, such as acid dosing or automation features, Pool & Spa Mart have you covered.

  • Fresh water pools

    Pool & Spa Mart supplies The Naked Freshwater System by Naked pools for clients who prefer a fresh water alternative. It's a state of the art hybrid system utilising nature’s natural minerals and oxidization to provide your pool with a true eco-friendly solution