Pool & Spa Mart provide free sample bottles in store. If you don’t have one yet then be sure to collect the sample in a plastic or glass bottle that has only had water in it. If you collect the water in a soft drink bottle, even if rinsed, it will affect the acidity of the sample. Take a sample when the pool pump is on and has been running for at least an hour.

Don’t collect the sample from the surface of the water- instead if you can get it about an arm’s length underneath that would be better. Also don’t collect a sample too close to the return jets. Take note of how the pool looks- can you see any algae present and does the water look clear? If it’s your first time visiting us it might be a good idea to take a photo of your equipment and estimate the length and width of your pool before coming in. That way we can add these details to our computer to give personalized results each time you come in for a test in the future